Our services are private, confidential, and free. We serve all people affected by sexual violence regardless of gender identity, age, housing situation, or immigration status.

Domestic and sexual violence and sexual assault are issues intimately tied with a person’s sexual health status, and we seek to recognize those connections and address them in a non-judgmental manner. Using a risk-reduction model, our advocates provide guidance in all matters related to sexual health and sexuality in both individual and group settings. Our aim is to advocate for our clients, giving victims and survivors of abuse the tools and information so that they may take ownership of their bodies and sexualities.

In conjunction with our other programs, our Sexual Health Advocacy program works to highlight the importance of sexual health and fulfillment in the overall healing process. 

The core components of this program are:

  • One-on-one sexual health advocacy which includes access to emergency contraception, rapid HIV & HCV testing, condoms, dental dams, and other safer sex supplies. 
  • Support groups that provide a safe environment for members to discuss the impact of sexual violence on their lives and their relationships. These groups explore useful ways to deal with common challenges faced by all survivors of sexual violence, with a heavy focus being put on the development of positive coping strategies. Based on need and availability, we can also provide childcare and help with bus-passes.
  • Trainings for providers/staff on issues related to sexual health, consent, and sexual assault. We are willing to go off-site and come to you!
  • Educational workshops and special events for the public, including collaborative forums, conferences and health fairs.

All of these services are offered in English as well as Spanish, and with particular attention paid to the group’s composition, so we can tailor our services to the population and their background.

For more information, please call 401.861.6191 and/or email info@sojournerri.org with any questions, comments, or appointment requests.