Victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are at an increased risk of contracting STIs. Many abusers also use a person’s status as a means of control.

Sojourner House is proud to offer free confidential rapid HIV & Hepatitis C testing at our Drop-In Center, Residential Program, and in the community as requested. Anyone 16 years or older is eligible; a parent or guardian does not need to be present.

If the test comes back “reactive” (meaning it found HIV antibodies in your system), the client will sign a release form and we will assist the client in scheduling a confirmatory test at the Miriam STI Clinic and even walk you through the process! Our goal is to connect people to the care and services they need and remove barriers to accessing help.

The HIV test can be done via oral swab or finger stick. The Hepatitis C test is done with a finger stick. Test results are available in 20 minutes.

For a testing appointment, contact or call 401-861-6191.

All of these services are offered in English as well as Spanish.

To learn more about our sexual health work, please visit our Sexual Assault & Health Advocacy Program page.