n the fall of 2022, Sojourner House received an email from the talented folks in Brown’s Art for Service program asking if the agency would be interested in receiving a series of murals to hang at one of our properties. As we’re always looking for ways to make our buildings feel more welcoming to clients, we said yes immediately, knowing that art is a powerful tool that can be used to add warmth and joy to any space.

One of our earliest conversations we had with the artists centered around the fact that over 85% of Sojourner House clients have children under the age of eighteen. Hearing this the artists were inspired to create a mural series that was geared towards children and could help them feel safe and at ease while with us. In total, they created five pieces of art, all of which utilized bright colors, nature motifs, and smiling faces, and as viewers, made us feel grounded and at peace. In January 2024, they were installed (four in our Drop-In Center and one in a shelter property), and have already brought comfort and joy to many!

We’re extremely grateful to the many artists who invested time and energy into these paintings. Brown University wrote a story about Art for Service and the development of this project, so if you’re interested in learning more click the link below.