At Sojourner House, 85% of our clients have children under the age of 18, meaning that most of our housing units have multiple kids in them.

In 2022, 274 of our clients were between the ages of 0 and 17.

Knowing this, Sojourner House puts a great focus on services related to maternal health and also provides a variety of opportunities for youth impacted by domestic and sexual violence. We have a clinician who focuses on children and youth, a youth advocate who develops programming and plans activities for those in our residential programs, and a team of school based advocates supporting youth in educational settings. Additionally, we have an expressive arts group, a youth empowerment group, and a free summer camp in August for children who have witnessed abuse.

For the mothers in our programs, our focus is on providing them with basic needs and helping them combat the feelings of isolation that are so common in new motherhood by connecting them with guiding resources.

Close up of a mother holding her newborn daughter. The mother is smiling and looking down at the baby.

The MOSAIC Project: A Mentorship Program for New Moms

In late 2022, Sojourner House launched a new program called MOSAIC, which stands for MOther’s Advocate In the Community. The goal of MOSAIC is to reduce levels of
anxiety and depression in Sojourner House clients who are new or expectant mothers. To achieve that goal, we’ve created a peer mentoring program that pairs Sojo moms with peer mentors who, with lived experience as mothers themselves, can offer guidance, encouragement, and support.

Before they’re even matched with a mentee, MOSAIC mentors complete a 10-week training program to better understand interpersonal violence and the potential needs of their mentees.

Becoming a Mentor:

There are many factors that can increase stress for birthing people, including pregnancy symptoms, intimate partner violence, substance abuse disorder, other children in the home, and a lack of basic needs. By providing peer to peer mentorship and ongoing support, stress amongst the perinatal community may be reduced in order for them to have a healthier pregnancy and postpartum period.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please fill out the volunteer application linked below.

Have a general question about the program? Email MOSAIC Coordinator, Vicky DePena, at

Who would make an ideal mentor?

  • A mother, currently raising or having raised a child
  • Someone willing to share their experiences with another mom
  • Someone with the ability to commit roughly 5 hours a week to meeting with their mentee, either via phone or in person
  • Someone willing to complete the 10-week mentorship training designed to give MOSAIC participants a better understanding of their mentees experiences and needs
Becoming a Mentee:

If you’d like to join the MOSAIC Project as a mentee, or refer someone else to do so, please contact MOSAIC Coordinator, Vicky Depena, at 401-270-7748 or

IPV Screening and Intervention: Trainings Available for Medical Providers

At Sojourner House, we know that the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States is domestic violence homicide. We also know that intimate partner violence can be the highest during peak childbearing years, which can result in major health effects for birthing people and their children, including pregnancy-associated deaths. In response to this horrifying reality, we’ve expanded our partnerships with local OBGYN offices and begun to train medical professionals on screening for signs of abuse and interpersonal violence during check ups and providing referrals to available resources.

Why screening perinatal patients for intimate partner violence is important:

  • It can increase a patient’s safety
  • It can help a provider to address medical concerns
  • It can save lives

If you are interested in requesting a training for your staff or students, please contact Edouard Antonio Latortue, CPD, the MOSAIC Maternal Health Screening Training Coordinator at 401-270-7668 or

Donate Supplies to the Maternal Health Program

Show your support for Sojo moms by donating items from our Amazon Wish List. This list is frequently updated by our staff to best reflect the current needs of our clients and their little ones.

Prefer to shop in person? That’s great too! Supplies can be brought to our Drop-In Center at 1570 Westminster St. in Providence. Please call ahead to 401-861-6191 to arrange a drop off time. Items that we always need include:

  • Diapers (all sizes)
  • New baby and toddler clothing (all sizes)
  • New children’s underwear
  • Baby wipes
  • Bottles
  • Bibs