“My children and I came to Sojourner House in 2012. We were on the streets, alone, with no family to support us, no money, or a home to live in. I thought my world had ended. I was broken, full of fear and despair, and unsure of our future. The pain and sadness I felt seeing my children suffer was indescribable.

Through Sojourner House, we were able to stay in emergency housing, where we received support and affection, and my children received services to help them cope with their trauma. Little by little, the advocates at Sojourner House taught me how to love myself, value who I was, and most importantly, gave me hope for the future.

In November of that same year, we were blessed to get into an apartment through Sojourner House’s transitional housing program. I knelt down and cried when I got the news – the joy of having our own home was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Sojourner House gave us a new life; a life of peace and security. Now, I am a happy, secure, and independent woman with a permanent home and a job to support myself and my children.

My kids and I would not be where we are right now had it not been for Sojourner House. This is an organization that saves lives. I have lived first-hand what it is like to lose hope, but have been blessed to find people who give it back. I am forever grateful to Sojourner House for giving us the chance to rebuild our lives free of abuse and pain, and I know the hundreds of victims who receive your services feel the same way I do. Thank you.”
-Sojourner House Client
“This program has been instrumental in helping me rebuild my life. For the first time in years, I have legal identification, an identity. Most importantly, I am gaining confidence in myself and feel safe. I am so grateful for the support I’ve received from Sojourner House to put the past behind me for good.”
-Sojourner House Client
“In 2017 I was homeless because of domestic violence and human trafficking, unfamiliar with the language and legal system in the United States, and I didn’t know anyone. I lived in a shelter for a period of 6 months with my daughter, and I was pregnant with my trafficker’s child. 

I was introduced to the Sojourner House immigration program. Through Sojourner House’s advocacy, the services and support we received saved our lives.

At Christmas time, Sojourner House gave us everything we needed for our home, toys for my children, and much more. It left us in tears of happiness. Our lives have changed so much since Sojourner House’s intervention. Thanks to the immigration program, my visa was approved and I am now legally able to work at a decent job.  I got a driver’s license and bought a car. I thank God and Sojourner House for all that we have.”
– Sojourner House Client
“She fled several times. To different homes and even different states. He would find her every single time. 

Having children in common made it even more difficult: the threats of custody and deportation were constant. He severely assaulted her and she made her way to us from across the country. We filed her immigration case and found her permanent housing. Her life was finally making sense, and all the pieces were falling into place. Her visa was approved, and after years of separation, her older children were able to join her here as one reunited family. 

This week she received the one thing she thought was impossible: her legal permanent resident card. I’m incredibly proud of her, of her resilience and strength. She is the single mother of four, and she is doing an amazing job raising kind and respectful children. This is only one case of many, but I get to work with our clients for so long, that I grow fond of them and their victories are also mine.”
– Sojourner House Staff Member
“Abi came to the United States on a work VISA with plans to provide for her family back home in Nigeria.  She was a single mother, forced to support her two children, her nephew, and other family members after her husband and brother were kidnapped, never to return again.  Abi felt hopeless and she was struggling to make ends meet.  When a friend connected Abi to an elderly relative in the United States who needed a caretaker, Abi jumped at the chance.  She felt relief and believed that the job in the United States would provide more financial support for her family than any job she could find in Nigeria. 

When Abi arrived in the United States, however, the work was much different than what she was promised.  Instead of caring for one elderly relative, Abi became the caretaker for the entire household, which included two other adults and three children, including a child living with a developmental disability.  She was forced to work all hours of the night and was locked out of the house any time she left to run an errand or go to church – many times in freezing cold temperatures.  She had to share a room with the other children and was forced to sleep in bed with them because she was never given a bed of her own.  Her pay became less and less, and eventually she wasn’t being paid anything at all.  

She was mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused by the adults in the household.  Abi feared for her life and missed her family in Nigeria.  It wasn’t until she confided in some friends at her local church that Abi finally found a way out.  Abi’s church developed an escape plan with her and brought her to Sojourner House’s trafficking shelter.  Abi received shelter, counseling, and immigration legal assistance.  

She is now living in a safe home, has a work permit, and she just reunited with her children.  ‘Feeling safe and being reunited with my family means everything to me.  Without Sojourner House, I am not sure where I would have ended up.  Thank you for giving me hope again.”
– Sojourner House Staff Member
“You guys have been my home for so long, my safe place, the only place that never gave up on me. I know the time is coming to spread my wings. I just want to thank you for being a rock in my life, for showing me that I’m worth so much more than I knew. Thank you for picking me up at that airport with no judgment– just pure love and caring– and for never turning your back on me. Thank you for being a big part of my journey. You always showed up for me. You have always cared for me in a way that I never really had.”
– Sojourner House Client

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