Getting Immediate Assistance

If you are being hurt or threatened, call 911 immediately.

If you are a victim of domestic and sexual violence, think you might be, or know someone who is (or might be), we encourage you to call us confidentially at 401-765-3232 (24-hrs/day) or at 401-861-6191 (Monday – Friday, 9-5). Your call is confidential. We do not use caller identification and we always block our outgoing calls for your safety.

Finding a Support Group

Support groups are a great way to connect with other survivors who understand the isolation of abuse and trauma. In a support group, you can talk about the impact of your experiences in a nonjudgmental place that fosters connection, trust, and healing.

Sojourner House offers a number of confidential support groups for survivors, with groups in English and Spanish, as well as some for men/male-identified survivors and for members of LGBTQ+ communities. We also sometimes offer groups for children and teenagers. Call the Intake line at (401) 861-6191 to find out more about current support groups and to find one that’s right for you.

Finding a Therapist

Domestic abuse, sexual violence, and human trafficking often cause trauma symptoms and other mental health issues that benefit from treatment.

To find help, you can look on Zencare or Psychology Today and search for a therapist with expertise in trauma (and domestic abuse/sexual assault, if appropriate) who takes your insurance. If you don’t have insurance or you’re having trouble connecting with a therapist, please give us a call and we can help you to find treatment.

It is normal to experience trauma symptoms even long after abuse has stopped, but there is effective treatment and survivors can heal!