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Community Training: Queer American History

June 28, 2023 @ 9:00 am 10:30 am

The objectives of this presentation are to examine the history of queer communities, their struggles, and triumphs throughout history, and to gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of Queer Liberation and the development of the modern-day Gay Rights movement. This includes exploring pre-colonial queer history, the impact of colonialism, the criminalization and pathologizing of queer identities, the role of free love and radical ideas in promoting queer liberation, and examining the equal rights movements that influenced the development of the modern-day Gay Rights movement.

  • Develop an awareness that queer individuals have existed throughout history.
  • Explore the history of queer communities prior to colonization.
  • Uncover the roots of queer identity during the colonial period.
  • Recognize the historical barriers faced by the queer community.
  • Understand the criminalization and pathologization of queer identities.
  • Gain an appreciation for the triumphs and accomplishments of the queer community throughout the centuries.
  • Study the role of free love and radical ideas in promoting queer liberation.
  • Examine the equal rights movements that influenced the development of the modern-day Gay Rights movement.


Evan Jones is the SOAR Works Disability Coordinator at Sojourner House and passionate in the community. As a proud and open transgender individual, Evan is dedicated to challenging the harmful misinformation and discrimination that often targets queer individuals. Through activism, education, and direct action, Evan works tirelessly to defend the rights and promote well-being of the LGBTQ+ and other oppressed communities.

Victoria Threshier is Sojourner House’s LGBTQ+ Advocate and the co-chair of the agencies HIV testing team. As an advocate, Victoria is passionate about developing community spaces for LGBTQ+ identifying survivors to discuss their unique experiences and trauma. Victoria is actively engaged in a variety of efforts to educate queer youth in RI about the resources and supportive services available to them.

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