Emergency shelter can be an invaluable resource for victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and human trafficking. With access to safe, temporary housing, victims can get started on a pathway to freedom. Sojourner House shelter advocates can provide referrals, information, and support to help victims and their families rebuild safe, stable lives.

We offer inclusive emergency shelter for a variety of populations, including LGBTQ+ individuals, men, families, and human trafficking survivors.

If you need safe shelter because of domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking, call our Help Line at 401-765-3232.


Our safe houses are in undisclosed locations and serve as immediate, safe, temporary housing for survivors and their children. Once there, our staff provides information about domestic abuse, case management services, referrals, and educational programs.

Survivors and their children are provided with secure shelter and comprehensive services through Sojourner House’s network of local resources and service providers. For more information, contact our 24/7 helpline at 401-765-3232.


The RISE (Respect, Inclusion, Safety, Empowerment) Shelter at Sojourner House serves victims regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Guidelines vary between programs. For more information, please contact 401-808-6889 or visit a Sojourner House Housing Clinic. 


The THEIA (Trafficking Housing Empowerment Immigration Advocacy) Project is Sojourner House’s human trafficking program. A collaborative effort between Sojourner House and Project Weber/RENEW, the THEIA Project provides safe shelter, transitional housing, and supportive services to victims of human trafficking.  THEIA Project clients have access to safe housing, basic needs, support groups, immigration advocacy, case management services, life-skills training, and trauma-informed supportive services.

Sojourner House works with victims regardless of immigration status. Guidelines vary between programs. For an assessment please call us at (401) 808-6889.