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There are so many ways to support survivors of abuse and Sojourner House, including:

Our supporters change the lives of thousands of individuals and families by helping Sojourner House to provide lifesaving services. Without these services many victims would be homeless and living in fear of their abuser. The number of survivors who receive our support and are seeking our services is higher than ever, and your support is needed NOW to ensure that these critical services can continue to be provided.

  • Giving a financial gift to Sojourner House, or working with your financial advisor to make a long-lasting financial impact
  • Donating items from our Target or Walmart Wish Lists
  • Volunteering your time to Sojourner House either with our programs or on one of our committees
  • Asking your employer about matching donations or sponsoring Sojourner House
  • Hosting a fundraising event, or working with a local business to host an event for Sojourner House
  • Hosting a collection drive for items most needed by our clients
  • Creating a “Welcome Home Basket” for survivors moving into their new, safe home
  • Liking and follow Sojourner House on social media, and sharing our social media posts!

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Want more information about us or about how you can make an impact on the lives of survivors of abuse, please contact us at 401-861-6191 or