Supporting Survivors, Promoting Healthy Relationships & Advocating for Change.

Are you a survivor of abuse looking for support? We’re here to help!


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A gift to Sojourner House helps us provide aid to victims of abuse during times of crisis.

About Sojourner House

Sojourner House is a victim services agency based in Rhode Island that has been providing safe shelter, housing, and life-saving supportive services to survivors of abuse since 1976. We invite survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking into spaces that are comfortable and empowering so they can begin to heal and rebuild their lives. Our advocates can make recommendations and connect victims with helpful resources, but most of all, they listen. They do not judge or pressure victims to make changes before they are ready.

In 2023, Sojourner House Provided:

Survivors with support
Bed nights in shelter
Bed nights in transitional housing
Bed nights in rapid rehousing
Nights in permanent supportive housing
Immigration advocacy sessions

The Impact of Our Work

“Sojourner House taught me to believe that my life doesn’t have to be defined by the abuse I’ve experienced, that I can be anyone I want to be. They said, yes, you may be crawling now, but we’ll give you the lift you need to get back on your feet and walk again.”
– Sojourner House Client


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